Tree in a field

This photo was taken on a small trip in Rhineland-Palatinate on my grandfathers’ birthday. You can see him walking near the tree. It was a windy day in February, but the weather was just fine for a three-hour walk (or hike, depending on your definition) and we finished with some food at a bakery. Gear and settings used for this image: iPhone 13 Pro Max 26mm, f1.5, 1/1058s, ISO 50 (reported by image) Edited with Affinity Photo 2


Train in the forest

This photo was taken on a small vacation in Switzerland. We saw the old train in a station and tried to find a good spot to take photo of it driving over the bridge. We barely got there in time, I could only take out my phone and hit the shutter button. I think under these circumstances, this is a really nice photo. Maybe I edited out some rather ugly power lines ;)....


Monument du Cinquantenaire

This photo was taken on my last vacation in Brussels. It shows the Monument du Cinquantenaire in an ultra-wide view. Although it was spring, it was rather cold that day, contributing to an atmosphere where you feel little and unimportant. Gear and settings used for this image: iPhone 13 Pro Max 1.57mm, f1.8, 1/2,538s, ISO 32 (reported by image) Edited with the default photos app on iPad 9th gen.


Cozy November walk

This photo was taken by my current phone, the iPhone 12 mini. After using a standard Android phone for years, the step to it was immense in terms of photo quality. I found myself taking quite a few pictures with it. It’s not as good as my normal camera, but the form factor and ease of use mean I shoot more often. This photo was taken on a sunny November day on a small walk with my girlfriend around her home village....