View of a wedding

Well, the title of a little misleading, as there was no wedding. But this could be the view of a wedding, as this image was taken from the highest floor in the Hochzeitsturm (English: wedding tower) in Darmstadt. So, if you are willing to take some stairs (or a small elevator), you could have this view through one of the small windows during your wedding. Gear and settings used for this image:...


Monument du Cinquantenaire

This photo was taken on my last vacation in Brussels. It shows the Monument du Cinquantenaire in an ultra-wide view. Although it was spring, it was rather cold that day, contributing to an atmosphere where you feel little and unimportant. Gear and settings used for this image: iPhone 13 Pro Max 1.57mm, f1.8, 1/2,538s, ISO 32 (reported by image) Edited with the default photos app on iPad 9th gen.


Tram in the dark

This photograph nearly was forgotten, until I looked through my archive to find something to hang on my wall. When I took this photo, I wasn’t impressed but after revisiting it a year later, I found it quite good, edited it and ordered a big print with a frame. The image stabilization of my G9 really helped with this photo, as the shutter speed was set to one second and I didn’t have a tripod on hand....