Hi, my name is Neil Schark. I am a student of computer science and currently on my way to my master of science.

In my free time I sometimes take some photos, the best of them are regularly uploaded to this webpage to have a place to be seen by other people. I am not using a big social media platform like Instagram, because I am a big fan of decentralization and privacy. That’s also the reason why this webpage doesn’t use any cookies or tracking functionality. I don’t even track the visits of this webpage, all logs are stored very safe in /dev/null. ;) (For the non IT visitors, this means they are deleted on the spot and are not saved at all.)

So If you like my photos and/or want to comment my photos, feel free to contact me under my email address. I speak German (native) and English, so if you write in one of them, the chances are high, that I can understand and answer you.

If you want to use an image posted on this site for something, just ask. If It’s for a non-commercial use, the chances are 99% that I will allow it free of charge. If It’s for commercial use, there is still a good chance that I will allow it.